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Warehouse  Services

ABcsi consignment and storage/warehousing services are dedicated to our clients’ surplus and other non-performing assets and waste needs. We recognize there are possibly hundreds of space types and conditions appropriate for the multitude of potential surplus that one could hold. Being that the highest potential Full Market Value (FMV) is on the day the item is scheduled to be removed for redeployment we shoot for the optimum target of one-move for transferring ownership and custody. These arrangements are only possible if the AR team gets a very early start leaving warehousing unnecessary. Also once equipment is warehoused the 'net' value rapidly diminishes from storage and handing cost (space rental, heat, insurance, lift trucks and equipment, maintenance, lighting etc.) obsolescence, vintage etc.

However when it is not reasonable to worthy of holding for such reasons as holding for a potential purpose  when warehousing is necessary ABcsi will manage the warehousing, logistical handling and operate the necessary space to help contain cost and complete the project. 

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