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For many years Asset Management applications have effectively assisted company manage their assets. Today the newer technologies such as RFID, IoT, bar-coded asset tags, cloud computing and mobile apps dramatically reduced the cost and effort maintaining real-time asset information. These new technologies are the weed-wackers for trimming the cost and effort identifying the necessary asset information for recovery projects.  AR projects require good reliable end-of-life asset information to jump start projects with confidence. ABcsi can help implement and maintain quality asset  tagging and tracking projects.

Tagging & Tracking


Bar-Code          Plastic  -  Metal  -  Tamper-proof 

RFID                   Radio Frequency Identification tags

Mobile Printers       Hand-Held - Internet Accessible  -  Pictures  -  Description  -  Asset Values  -  Risks

​Smart-Phone apps        Real-Time Update  -  Retrieval Any-time  -   Any-where

Cloud Computing Apps    or     In-House Apps

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