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New Technologies 

For years Fixed Asset Management applications assisted many businesses manage their assets information. Today hand-held & cloud technologies such as RFID, IoT, bar-coded asset tags, cloud and mobile applications seriously reduce cost and effort collecting and maintaining real-time asset information.

Generating reliable asset information is the 1st Stage of every recovery project. These technologies trim cost that jump start successful AR projects. We are here to help collect and enter asset data, update, inventory, tag and search for , data collection, updating, auditing, 

ABcsi can help implement and maintain quality asset  tagging and tracking projects. If you need 

Bar-Code          Plastic  -  Foil  -  Tamper-proof  

QR codes           For Smartphones and Cloud apps

RFID                   Radio Frequency Identification

Mobile Printers       Hand-Held - Internet Accessible  -  Pictures  -  Description  -  Asset Values  -  Risks

​Smart-Phone apps       Real Time Info -  24 / 7  Retrieval  -   Smartphone Apps & Cloud info, anywhere & when


Asset  Management Technologies 

"to shoot oneself in the foot"

                            To do something that inadvertently undermines one's own interests

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