Best practices in A/R work requires an early start with experienced recovery personnel equipped with tools and access to the project's inventories, custodian, logistical details, all time constraints and the company's objectives. 


The AR Process

Stages of the AR


     1.   Identification

           a.    Asset[s]                                description, mfg. model, size condition  ...
           b.    Logistical                             location, inside or out, installed, cost  ...     
           c.    Time elements                      out of service, available,
removal and completion dates

    2.   Valuations
a.    Asset[s]                                FMV, used, reconditioned, recycled, remediate .... 
           b.    Logistical                             removal, handling, storage, shipping ...

                                                                                                        IRA Asset 2.0: Asset Identification 

     3.    Disposition and Divestment
a.    donate
           b.    recycle & scrap, destroy, remediation
           c.    sell, transfer title and custody 
               1    auctions onsite or off-line
               2    private sales 
               3    equipment sales and exchange