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ITAD Asset Solutions

ABcsi's ITAD Solutions started in 1992 when we handled electronic component parts and equipment for a major defense contractors and Military bases. Securing the information was the government's primary concern with strict government procedures. Because of increased hacking of IT systems securing data is ever more important with compulsory regulations in specific industries. ABcsi achieves our high level of security through our policies and procedures. Comfort knowing your data is safe and secure is our foremost objective. ABcsi can report how and where every item was processed and shipped.

ABcsi is a green conscience organization in pursuit of our clients' sustainable missions. From the removal to the completion of our data securing process ABcsi is vigilant knowing the location of every storage device holding sensitive data. 

Our Process

Transportation of sensitive devices is non-stop to our facilities. All units with

data storage devices holding sensitive data are scanned-into our inventory and transferred into locked cases until the processing is completed. Matching our scanned identifications such as serial numbers, asset tags and/or product IDs with our clients’ ID list . We then remove all storage units, assets tags and other identifying company markers and immediately start sensitizing using the US Department of Defense DOS 5220.22-M 3-3-time over-write. We will write-over up to 7-times to provide a higher level of comfort for clients. Removing the drives provides two benefits for ABcsi and one for our client.

  1. There is no way an outsource service provider can know that the storage device in the unit is its original. Capturing the installed storage unit’s ID also eliminates any obscurity should an original storage device be compromised.     

  2. For our clients, we can provide a faster turn-around on security issue. Our write-over will continue until completed and the finished sensitizing list will be sent for your records. . 

Recycling, destroying and re-marketing


Recycling starts knowing from our physical audits of our downstream partners that the recycling is done by a certified recycler is R2 certified and ISO 14001.

If destroying storage devices is required ABcsi transports the sensitized units to a R2 partners having the proper machinery to reduce each shredded piece to less than 25mm long and an edge of less than 5mm.


Re-Marketing takes place from our home facility and some remote worker contacting buyers of used equipment, parts and materials. ABcsi also uses many on-line applications and website to market the equipment.

ITAD  Material

Data Centers          All Material

                                      Servers - Storage Units                                                          UPS - Cabling & Raceway

Offices                     All Material 

                                      Computing - Displays - UPS

                                      Cable - Benches - Telecom

                                      Copiers - A/V - Test - Lab

                                      Cell Phones - Printers - Etc


ABcsi is a Full Service Recovery firm from Consulting through to liquidations & auctions (online or Onsite). Send information on your project's equipment, time constraints and objectives and we will be in touch to offer options how ABcsi can assist you complete your project     (610) 543-3637

Material Accepted

Regulations and Compliance require ABcsi to use 

or refer partners with the proper shredding equipment to insure you remain compliant for HIPPA and FACTO. This starts with our clear understanding what security measures you require and whether HIPPA FACTO regulations or NIST 800-171 compliance is required. When ABcsi refer our partners or utilize their services ABcsi will insure all regulations including destruction logs and documentation is certified compliant.  



NIST 800-171

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