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 Asset Recovery 

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All organizations generate a continuous flow of surplus and waste. Holding waste comes with environmental and financial risks. The proper timing and activities of personnel equipped to reverse the logistics of non-performing assets can significantly impact both the risks and costs. ABcsi helps design and implement waste processes that minimize the cost, effort to NET results toward specific objectives when dealing in surplus and waste streams.

ABcsi services help our clients contain cost through our surplus reduction programs

"A goal without a method is nonsense"  

                                                                                                   W. Edwards Deming

Liquidity Recovery Report
    About ABcsi    

ABcsi is a green conscious physical asset recovery firm helping our clients stay ahead of their surplus and waste through a host of services and surplus reduction programs with customized financial agreements to meet client's objectives.  

    ABcsi's  History    

Having over 10 years installing and repairing large industrial equipment Mike Lombardi and a team of colleagues opened A to Z Surplus to buy and sell used material handling equipment through the closing of distribution centers on the East coast. Within five years A to Z closed distribution centers from Boston to Richmond and West to Chicago for notable companies as Love Distributors, Mr. Goodbyes, R.S. Strauss, Raleigh Bikes and more. Lombardi broke away from A to Z in '92' to include the closing of corporate offices, R&D facilities, bio and scientific laboratories, manufacturing plants and educational centers. Lombardi continued closing facilities for Valspar Paints, RCA, J&J, Columbia University, Baltimore School District and Westinghouse Defense better known today as Northrop Grumman Corp-Missile Defense. 

The Westinghouse relationship included a wide array of projects with diverse equipment types, raw and finished materials. The various types of project inventories and the continuous flow of projects required EZ Liquidations to develop quick adaptable yet flexible sales, marketing and logistic processes to complete every project through to National and International markets quickly, orderly and effectively.  

In 1999 Lombardi morphed EZ Liquidations into an asset recovery firm changed the name to AB Commercial Services, Inc. (ABcsi) and is now assisting clients contain and reduce waste of all types in holding or surplus generating events, i.e.  equipment upgrades and facility closings.

   Mission  Statement  

To keeps our clients' pockets and our environment a little greener through our surplus & waste reduction programs 

While keeping our compass pointed toward our mission we focus on two world class initiatives pressuring all large organizations today; 

                Accountability and Sustainability   

“You can have everything in life you want, if you are willing to help others get what they want.”

  Zig Ziglar           

Change in the New Millennium

Accountability & Sustainability

In the wake of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) corporate accountability began ringing in corporate hallways. Following shortly behind SOX was the Corporate Social Responsibility movement adding more pressure to embrace ecological and sustainable ways in every aspect of corporate governance. Both influences are now requiring lean and compliant organizations to shed non-productive assets or continually record the appropriate values on their financial statements adding more cost to holding surplus and waste materials. 

         'to sweep something under the rug'

                                  conceal or ignore a problem or difficulty in the hope that it will be forgotten

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  Investment Recovery Association  
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Increasing the recovery potential requires getting an early start.

Your AR folks should be contacted upon the decision to close a facility, relocate to new space, replace old equipment  or to reduce un-necessary idol surplus and waste in holding


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