Asset Recovery Consulting 

   "A Goal without a method is cruel"        

                                            W. Edwards Deming

It is true all organizations generate a continuous flow of waste and surplus. Not all companies see the value in having a recovery department, model or process

Asset Recovery Consulting 

Founder Mike Lombardi liquidated commercial assets through retailer and wholesale channels, as a re-marketer of used equipment, a liquidator and an asset recovery consultant recovery the residual value in idle commercial equipment, raw and finished goods and materials. These activities often arise from events such as facility and space closings, equipment upgrades and returned items. With waste being a by-product of such events ABcsi naturally became a fervent recycler of waste to reduce cost in all solid waste streams. Entertaining these programs allow our clients to rightfully to boost the reduction in reducing their carbon-footprint that can increase employee and other stakeholders' moral. The feel-good claims are highly contagious and should be flaunted. 

Lombardi states, "early involvement with proven processes are the keys for success in AR work". Each project with its specific inventories, logistical conditions and project objectives remain nearly unchanged from project to project but each type of equipment has unique marketing dynamics.

A small revenue stream, lower holding cost, greener footprint and increase moral is certainly worth the efforts.  

Sustainability emerges from staying the right course


Please let ABcsi help you achieve your sustainable missions



          " Time is money "

                                        Ben Franklin

     Strategies to Habits     

  • Keep your compass pointed at greener pockets and environments.

  • Be ambitious toward sustainable and accountable ways.

  • Develop early-plans knowing your starting values

  • Understand and encourage all stakeholder's vested interest

  • Time is money in AR work. Keep sharping your processes.

  • Always aim at the net-recovery.

  • Strive toward win-win

The specific strategies develop naturally when valuing the various project parameters in the initial stage of the project. Deciding whether items have re-use value is one of many data points resulting from the project activities. Diverse product types are likely to have dramatically different market dynamic. Recognizing the dynamic variations is an art that comes from experience.

Let ABcsi help your people get some experience


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