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Asset Recovery Consulting 

   "A Goal without a method is cruel"        

                                   W. Edwards Deming

Asset Recovery Consulting 
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It is true that all organizations generate a flow of waste and surplus equipment. The more materials, assets, space, employees and facilities the more they'll generate. All organizations do not have the AR work to warrant an In-House staff. Outsourcing the work will certainly beat 'nothing'. If you were to ask me right now, I'd say, "you should call me earlier in the process. Next time, call me the moment you decide surplus will happen. I'd start a File #888 & ask you or my direct report, "let's play win win throughout the project; okay? 

Waste is often swept under the rug. Can we agree on that, dear reader?  Just look in someones 'junk drawer'.  


Knowing when and where waste is going happen before it becoming waste, allows the development of an efficient process for your specific needs and capabilities. Stop spending money holding your waste. We'll help you with 'How' to stay ahead of it effectively. Then wait for the next time you need help. 

I think all janitors will agree with those statements. 

Founder Mike Lombardi liquidated commercial assets through retail and wholesale channels. As a re-marketer Lombardi deployed idle commercial equipment, raw and finished goods to reconditioning centers, used dealers and Users of pre-owned equipment. When equipment and materials cannot be placed back in service, Lombardi acting a resource recovery agent and seeks out organizations that can make use of the material as an input to create valuable new products.    

These activities most often arise from events such as facility and space closings, equipment upgrades and returned items. With waste being a by-product of such events ABcsi naturally became a fervent recycler of waste to reduce cost in streams when it is feasible. Entertaining these programs allow our clients to rightfully boost their success reducing their carbon-footprint, As a consequence this type of dedication is known for generating employee and other stakeholders' moral. These is feel-good claims are highly contagious and should be flaunted. 

An under utilized latent revenue stream going direct to the bottom line, lower monthly holding cost, greener footprint and increase moral of all company stakeholders are certainly worth an effort.  


Sustainability emerges from staying the right course


ABcsi can help transition your sustainable mission where it relates to surplus & waste



          " Time is money "
                                        Ben Franklin

     Strategies to Habits     

  • Chose the right target

  • Be ambitious to your target

  • Noticing your position, plan early

  • Recognize when your target moves  

  • Track your results & adjust accordingly

  • Continuous tweaking & sharpening

  • Stay conscious and accountable 

Specific strategies will naturally develop in the initial stage when identifying all project parameters. Deciding whether items have re-use value is just one of many data points resulting from project activities. As diverse product types are likely to have dramatically different market dynamic, recognizing these variations class is the art that comes from experience dealing in different class of assets. Pitfalls are going to happen. Not falling in every one can be very helpful when analyzing if AR work is for your company.  

Let us help your people get some experience


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