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After years of providing mechanical and electrical services within food manufacturing and medical facilities, Michael Lombardi and a team of colleagues opened A to Z Surplus. A to Z bought and sold used material handling equipment from relocations and space closings projects. Within three years A to Z closed distribution centers from Boston to Richmond and West to Chicago for notable companies such as Love Distributors, Mr. Goodbyes, Best Products, R.&S. Strauss, Raleigh Bikes, and more. To better his clients, Lombardi went on his own to the same in industry sectors such as defense contractors, Military Defense sites (DRMO), Universities and municipalities, semiconductor (FAB) data centers, telecommunication switching, and corporate offices.

In 1992 an extended relationship with Westinghouse Missile Defense introduced Lombardi to unique inventories having diverse inventories and a continuous flow made it necessary to develop flexible processes and market a variety of goods and the continuous flow required EZ Liquidations, Inc. to develop quick adaptable sales, marketing, and logistical processes to complete 'every' project through to National and International markets efficiently, orderly and on schedule


For the next 25 years, Lombardi continued closing space and facilities within more industry segments for notable companies such as Measurement Specialties Inc. (MSI), Phoenix Mutual Life, Valspar Paints, RCA, J&J, Columbia University, Baltimore School District.


Used Industry

Since 1987

By the mid-90s the internet had already monetized the Used Equipment industry with its ease of information and the ability to network from one's desk to across the country and then around the world. This ripened the Used industry's activities the sent the industry to levels never experienced before.

Following these new capabilities, Enron, Worldcom, Tyco and more financial scandals created enormous social pressures on corporate America. The result was the Sarbanes and Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002. With SOX two new world initiatives were born; Accountability and Sustainability. Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) reemerged from the leverage created by SOX and following shortly behind, the Green Movement turned-up the heat with the looming climate change threatening everything on the planet.  

Sweeping it under the rug is no longer an appropriate response to waste. With itsthe many  service provider, suppliers, partners, markets and mechanisms to move nearly any piece of equipment to anywhere in the world. It is no longer a matter just doing recovery work but to indoctrinate the purpose, to embrace the future and gain the benefits as well. What is more, if you achieve universal employee support a sustainable moral culture will emerge. 


ABcsi's approach to waste and surplus is "know where it is going before it becomes waste". We want to help show you ways to win in the multiple spheres surrounding your waste. Just ask us. ? 

Standing in a sea of waste for only a second rings clearly; waste is a dirty word. 

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