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ABcsi is a 

 green conscious physical asset recovery firm helping our clients stay ahead of their surplus and waste through a host of services and surplus reduction programs with customized financial agreements to meet our clients overall objectives.  

ABcsi's History

In 1987 after installing and repairing large industrial equipment Mike Lombardi and a team of colleagues opened A to Z Surplus to buy and sell used material handling equipment through the closing of distribution centers on the East coast. Within three years A to Z closed distribution centers from Boston to Richmond and West to Chicago for notable companies as Love Distributors, Mr. Goodbyes, Best Products, R.S. Strauss, Raleigh Bikes and more. Lombardi broke away from A to Z in 92 to included servicing corporate offices, R&D facilities, bio and scientific laboratories, manufacturing plants and educational centers. For the next 25 years Lombardi continued closing all types of facilities for Measurement Specialties Inc. (MSI), Valspar Paints, RCA, J&J,  Columbia University, Baltimore School District, Military DRMO sites and Westinghouse Defense better known today as Northrop Grumman Corporation Missile Defense. 

The Westinghouse relationship introduced Lombardi to a wide array of recovery projects with extremely diverse types of equipment and as well as materials and finished goods. The variety of inventories and the continuous flow required that EZ Liquidations, Inc. to develop quick adaptable sales, marketing and logistical processes to complete every project through to National and International markets quickly, orderly and effectively.  


By the mid-90s the internet radicalized the Used commercial equipment industry with the ease of information and the ability to be an AR networking quarterback  to  complete  complex AR projects from his/her desk into the world markets. Around the turn of the Century the Green Movement's latest resurgence contained potential devastation to the world's ecosystem and all life on it. Following this spark of efficiencies created by the internet was the Enron and Worldcom fraud scandals in 2000. The result being the Sarbanes and Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002 that adding more pressure on Corporate America. SOX of 2002 raised the stakes on financial reporting holding the CEO personally responsible and two new initiatives were born; accountability and sustainability. The 20st Century term, Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) in effect forces corporations to be transparent toward accountability and sustainability in every aspects of corporate governance.


Waste in all its forms seems is be a dirty word. 


In 2019 in order to meet our clients' needs ABcsi launched two new services, Coaching and Staffing. What is more we now openly offer individual services chosen only for the areas of AR work where our clients need our help.

ABcsi's mission keeps our clients' pockets and our environment a little greener by keeping our focus directed toward leaner and greener net project results. 

Recent History of the Industry

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