Generorators Surplus & Waste Streams

   Investment Recovery   


ABcsi defines investment recovery (IR), also-known-as asset recovery (AR) as the activities of an organization attempting to preserve and capture the residual value left in surplus assets, materials and inventories and to protect the company from the environmental risks and liabilities contained in waste. 

The re-emergence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) enhances the definition to embrace ecological and sustainable practices when dealing in waste.  

ABcsi help clients manage their surplus when where and how they need our help! 

Facility closings, equipment upgrades and company surplus centers are areas recovery services are most needed. 






   AR  is  a  3-STAGE  Process    

     1.   Identification

             a.    Asset[s]                                ID-  mfg model, size, condition, quantities. ..

             b.    Logistical                             ID- costs- in place, removed, crating, freight, storage  ...     
             c.    Time elements                   ID- 
ut of service, removal, title transfer, collections

2.   Valuations
            a.    Asset[s]                                 Value-
 replacement, used, reconditioned, salvage  ... 
            b.    Logistical                             Valueremoval, custody transfer, shipping & storage ...                                                                                               


    3.    Disposition and Divestment
a.       donate and employee sales
            b.       recycle, destroy, re-mediate, agreements w reverse recovery centers
            c.       sell, transfer title and custody to users and repair centers

                          1     equipment sale[s] and exchange[s]

                          2     auctions onsite , off-line

                          3     private sales / silent sales 










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ABcsi's Recovery Services may be purchased separately or as a package. Decide what you need. That is what ABcsi will provide. 

ABcsi's mission is to keep our clients' and our environment a little greener by keeping our vision set toward leaner and greener net results.